This layout was disassembled in October, 2005. Another (smaller) one is planned. I am leaving the pictures up for now in case anyone is interested in my amateurish attempts.

My AF/hirail layout is 12’ by 16’, with 4’ wide tables along the wall on the short sides (north and south), a 4’ wide table on the east side with a hinged walk-through drop-leaf, and a 30” wide table at the west side connecting the 12’ sides. Only the east table, which breaks near the middle for the drop-leaf, has legs; the rest are supported by 2” by 2” lumber screwed to the wall studs, with diagonal braces extending out toward the table fronts. The bench height is 37”, which was lower than I wanted, but the room has sloping ceilings and anything higher would have reduced table size. I’ve learned to keep my head down!

The plan calls for 3 loops. The outer oval (blue) has 31 1/2”radius curves, and is level. The second loop (burgundy) is a folded over-and-under line with 27” radius curves and 2 1/2 % grades leading to the crossover bridge. It is connected to the outer loop with a crossover, and contains several passing sidings. It also the leads to the engine facility, which will consist of a turntable and 4-stall roundhouse, and possibly a small yard.

The third loop (red) is elevated above the other two, and is not connected to them. It is comprised almost entirely of bridges of various sorts, and is level. It has 24” radius curves, and its sole purpose is to watch trains go ‘round and ‘round. The northeast corner will have a large mountain, with a model of our house and other residential settings, and will serve as the transfer point for jelly bean ore. There is a smaller mountain in the southwest corner, which is the home of Peter's Jelly Bean Wine Extracting Company, and will be the home of the jelly bean mine.

The outer loop (blue) is at table level. The purple level is an over and under folded figure 8, and the red is at a fixed level about 10" above the table. The black trackage is the yard and engine service facility at table level.

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