The New York Central Southern started as a branchline of the New York Central Railroad. When the NYC merged with the Pennsylvania Railroad, the powers-that-be decided that the branch was not profitable enough, so the NYCS was going to be abandoned. When the news leaked out, the folks in the communities it serves got together and decided to handle it the American way they sued. The settlement that resulted included turning the branchline over to a regional management unit, complete with all of its by-then aged NYC equipment (and some Pennsy thrown in for good measure). Since then, the NYCS has prospered, buying a number of used steam and diesel engines from various railroads (which it does not bother to re-letter). Recently, it made enough money to begin purchasing some almost-new diesel locomotives.

Time in this relatively obscure and hidden region is an enigma. Transportation runs the gamut from still-new 1930s vehicles to hot rods and sports cars from the 60s and 70s. Old buildings glisten among new, and the past is today. Because of the remarkably clean air, few buildings or rolling stock show signs of weathering.

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