Foxfair Energetic Sailor

Sinbad is an AKC-registered Keeshond with an impressive heritage. His father is Ch. Foxfair Geronimo Energizer, and his grandfather on his father's side is Ch. Foxfair Eveready. His mother is Ch. Jo-Lyn's Nightingale, and her father is Ch. Vandys Malik.

Although he comes from a LONG line of Champions, Sinbad made it very clear early on that he had NO interest in showing. In his first puppy show, he growled at the Judge, although he still got a blue ribbon (he was the only Keeshond entry)! He went to one more show, where he displayed similar antics, so he is now retired and living (very contentedly, thank you) as a beautiful house pet.

NOTE: Sinbad passed away on November 5, 2003. We miss him.

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